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 St Michael's Tetbury
 A Roman Catholic Church in the Diocese of Clifton

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Liturgy of the Eucharist

As for any Catholic community the celebration of Eucharist together is a central source and summit of all our activity. We gather together for the celebration in a way that allows full and active participation of all who come. There are no spectators at these celebrations and all are celebrating together with the Priest Presider. It is an encounter with each other as the Body of Christ and with the presence of God who is eternally present to us. Of course all are welcome to all our services. To facilitate the celebration there are a number of ministries that members of the community are encouraged to perform. If you wish to help in any of these ways please let Fr Philip Thomas know.

Hospitality At each celebration a member will take responsibility for welcoming people and enabling people to find a seat as well as helping to arrange taking the collection, coordinating the procession of gifts and assisting if someone is unwell.

Children’s liturgy On most Sundays the children before they have made their first communion are invited to go to the hall with their worship leader for their own liturgy of the Word returning to the main body of the church at the Presentation of the Gifts.

Lectors The two readings at Mass are read by a member of the congregation. This is a most important ministry as the reader is the voice of Christ proclaiming the sacred text of scripture for all to hear as they listen attentively.

Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion This is a very long title for another important ministry. They serve to assist the priest with the distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ during the Mass. (They are called “Extraordinary” because the “ordinary” minister is either an ordained priest or a deacon.) They are also approved to take Holy Communion to those who are sick or home bound.

Altar Servers This ministry is open to all male or female who have at least made their first communion and there is no upper age limit. They are there to assist the priest at the altar.

Music ministry Music plays a very essential part in the Catholic celebration of Mass. It is required that whenever possible the mass should be sung. This means that there are certain prayers of the Mass itself that are above all to be sung and hymns can also be added if desired.

Sunday Morning Coffee Everyone is warmly invited to come into the hall for a cup of tea or coffee after the mass on Sundays. It's an opportunity to meet with other members of the parish community to give one another mutual support and encouragement. Help is always needed to make the coffee etc, and that too is a very valuable ministry.